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Duffield Pottery

Midnight Fern Collection - 9" x 9" Baking Pan

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This 9" x 9" baking pan in our Midnight Fern glaze is hand built by Jo Ann using slabs of clay.  The clay is cut to size using templates that were also designed by Jo Ann.   The baking pan measures approximately  9” wide x 9” long x 3" height.  Handles are added to two opposite ends of the piece to add safety in handling the piece coming out of a hot oven.

One of our bakeware customers, Ginger Sims says, "I love my Duffield Pottery!  I love my  bakeware because it bakes my breads and pies to evenly.  No longer do I have cornbread with an under-baked center."  (Ginger's comments are used by permission.)

*All items are handmade, wheel thrown or hand built, and uniquely different, therefore slight variations make each creation individual.

*We are happy to arrange local pick up/delivery and provide shipping quotes if needed.

*All Duffield Pottery products are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. All our products are food-safe unless otherwise noted.